MANUFACTURING PROCESS ENGINEERING & ESTIMATING                                                                                                              

Whether you are introducing a new product, have changes in demand for existing products, or just seeking methods to improve  existing processes, the Janowski Building & Development, Co. can help! Our experience includes both automotive and non-automotive manufacturing, from small volume manual operations to large capacity highly automated systems. (Please contact us if you may have any questions!)

Our service areas to our manufacturing clients’ include:

  • Operations planning
  • Manufacturing process planning and design
  • Facility planning
  • Estimating


  • Process design, evaluation and recommendation
  • Material flow and storage evaluation and recommendation
  • Material handling evaluation and recommendation
  • Man-machine cycle-time charts
  • Plant layout, system layout and cell layout
  • Turnkey workstation design
  • Manufacturing process development
  •  Ergonomic review and analysis
  • Project Management
  • Work instructions
  • Estimating

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